What Makes TenPoint Crossbows Superior To Other Brands?

In each of the 20 years TenPoint has been manufacturing crossbows, we have never failed to introduce innovations or to improve our products. And, in most cases, the advancements we have made originated from customer input. Since 1994, we have secured 33 patents with another 19 pending or being filed.

No other crossbow manufacturer comes close to this record of technological achievement.

Below are some of our more significant innovations.

Cocking Mechanisms
Patented Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI)
Patented GripSafety™
Carbon Barrel Technology
Rubber Bedded Barrel and Integrated Safety Wings Design
Parallel Limb Technology (PLT™) Bow Assembly
Xtreme Limb Technology
Compact Limb System
HE/HE2 Cam
String Dampening System (SDS)
Nickel-Teflon coated trigger parts