Eye Dominance Test

Determining whether or not you should shoot right or left handed depends solely on eye dominance. This can be determined with a simple test and will greatly enhance the ability to accurately shoot a bow. This is a vital step for accurate shooting since the bowstring should be directly in front of the dominant eye. Most mistakenly assume that the dominant eye will coincide with their dominant hands. But that isn't always the case. Therefore, eye dominance should be established before any decisions are made regarding equipment.

The easiest way to do that is with the following method: Extend both hands forward down near your waist, placing them together to form a small triangle between the thumbs and the first knuckle on the index fingers. With both eyes open, have your shooter look at your nose but make sure that they keep both eyes open. Eye Dominance Test :: Full Draw Archery You will be able to see the dominant eye through the triangle that they made with their hands. 
It is fairly common to have a different dominant eye than your dominant hand. Learning to shoot with your dominant eye and opsite your strong hand is usually only awkward for the first day or two with your new bow. You will however be much more accurate using your dominate eye as it is nearly impossible to shoot consistent with your weak eye.