How to Adjust Your Sights


Adjusting Your Sights

Adjusting your sights is something that every archer should be able to do. It is very simple to learn and do on a sight. We will cover 2 different kinds of sights in this article.

Multi pin sight

First the multi-pin sight this is the most common sight sold as they come in many different brands, configurations and price ranges. Almost all multi pin sights have horizontal pins and this will be the one that we will talk about.

First things first, you need to be shooting a consistent group of arrows. I usually shoot at least 3 to
make sure that it wasn't just a bad shot or my form was bad. Once I get a consistent group I 
will move my whole sight head to sight in my top pin. Most of the time your top pin will be your 20 yard and under pin. So moving your sight is easy to do. For this we will say that we are shooting 4 inches low and 2 inches to the right. The thing to remember is you want to chase you arrow with your pin. So because we were shooting low and right we will move our pin low and right. I will usually make small adjustments and then shoot a couple arrows again. When I say small usually I will move it 1/8’-1/4” at a time once I get closer to the bulls eye it will get even smaller. ¼” of movement equals about 2-4” on the target at 20 yards. Most sights have a dove tail bracket that allows you to slide the head of the sight up and down (elevation) or right and left (windage). Both are locked with a set screw or a tool less adjustment knob. Loosen the screw and make the adjustment either up or down or right or left. I will usually only adjust one at a time. Once I get my sight dialed in I will take a maker and put a mark on the sight bracket. This will give me a reference down the road if something starts to shoot funny or if I move it to much I have a reference point to come back to. Once your 20 yard pin is sighted in you will then move the individual pin up or down on your 30, 40, 50 etc. pins. Your right and left on the bottom pins shouldn’t change unless your rest is not adjusted properly if you experience this bring your bow into the pro shop and have them help you paper tune your bow.Adjusting Your Sight :: Multi Pin Sight :: Full Draw Archery


Single Pin Sights

Adjusting Your Sights :: Full Draw Archery  :: Single Pin HHA Sight


Single pin sights will be adjusted the same as the multi pin sight but most of them are equipped with some type of wheel, driver or lever to adjust the yardage or elevation. They are all equipped with windage adjustment of some sort. Some are the conventional dovetail and some are a tool less design. Consult with your pro shop tech with questions you have about adjusting your sight.

Both sight systems are great and both come in various configurations and price levels. Pick the best sight that is in your budget as the sight is the second most important accessories on your bow behind the arrow rest.

Adjusting Your Sights :: Full Draw Archery :: Multi Pin Sight
Adjusting Your Sights :: Full Draw Archery

With both systems just remember to move/chase your arrows with your pins.